Spring '23 Release

New features let you do more with ProcessMaker Platform.

AI-Powered Global Search

AI-Powered Global Search

Harness the power of AI to search in ProcessMaker Platform using natural language.

Introducing a new global search bar that will find the processes, tasks, and requests you need.

Easier for anyone to search without knowing PMQL.

Process Templates

Process Templates

Faster, easier new process creation.

Get a head start on predefined processes by selecting ready-made templates when you open the Process Modeler.

Save any process of your own as a template to use as a starting point in the future.

Import and export templates to share with others.

Decision Tables

Decision Tables

Time to incorporate complex decisions cut in half.

A simple, flexible way to handle multiple decision options outside of the process flow without scripting.

Easily view, understand, and represent business rules in your processes by using a decision table.

Even More Improvements
Easily create Select Lists with Collections. Provide end users with smooth filtering when using dependent dropdowns, all powered by our new AI capabilities.
Never lose your work designing processes, screens, and scripts thanks to Autosave.
Usability enhancements in Modeler including keyboard shortcuts, group select, and clone.
Control the visibility of structural elements of PM Platform's User Interface, customizing the experience for global and group-specific users.

Learn more about how to use these features in the Spring '23 Release Notes

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