ProcessMaker Open Source

Open source has been part of the ProcessMaker DNA from its inception.

We believe that openness produces better quality software

We believe that openness produces better quality software

Having an open-source culture allows people from all around the world to contribute to making our community great. With more than 10,000 members in our forums, ProcessMaker has a rich ecosystem of developers, enthusiasts, and business users that contribute ideas, help track issues, produce language packs, create extensions and plugins, and much more.

Like all software today ProcessMaker is also a consumer of open source. We use open-source libraries and projects such as Laravel, Apache, Nginx, and others. We strive to support and give back to these communities just as our users do the same for us.

ProcessMaker BPM 4

A next Generation BPMN 2.0 compliant Business Process Management Suite.

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A core BPMN 2.0 workflow engine built in PHP. Utilize it in your own projects to have your own complex workflow capabilities.

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PM Connectors

A suite of connectors that can be embedded to produce an integration-as-a-service platform.

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