ProcessMaker Unveiling Free Process Design & Automation Training Offering

Join this webinar on November 10th at 12pm EST and learn about the new, free on-demand course material and training now available from the training team at ProcessMaker and become a master of process design and automation.

November 10, 2020 @ 12:00 pm EST

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This webinar is currently over. Please enjoy an archived recording with the following link.

ProcessMaker, a leader in digital process automation, is proud to announce the unveiling of a new, free, and on-demand training series. ProcessMaker updated and refreshed dozens of hours of previously gated training courses, unlocking unprecedented access into process design and automation ready to accelerate your digital transformation. Available on their website, the robust series includes  self-paced training courses on all aspects of process and workflow automation design. For business analysts, UX developers, or ambitious and aspiring process architects and developers, there is a full library of classes  for everyone at all levels—all for free. Leverage this new knowledge and training to help your organization better design, optimize, and streamline processes to attain the highest levels of operational and customer excellence.

This announcement by ProcessMaker comes on the heels of a surge in demand for process mapping and design training  as organizations the world over hurry to adapt and transform digitally. To propel to the front of the race towards digital transformation, a new wave of process designers must be well-equipped with next-generation automation skills. All of these training courses are now available for free at 

The training courses will also allow process designers to improve their digital skills, adding to their professional toolkit. The advanced training modules also offer certification in one of the four critical paths of process automation success: process designer, UX specialist, process architect, and package developer. Packed with industry-leading tools of the trade,  students will have exceptional knowledge and skills to unlock their organization’s full productivity potential and deliver compelling customer experiences. 

“We’re extremely excited to open up this huge library of online resources to the entire community of people who design and optimize the processes that power organizations. We aim for our new training offering to level the playing field and provide enterprise-level, on-demand training on process design and architecture without the burden of extensive amounts of time or money to the widest possible audience,” said Freddy Mercado, head of Training at ProcessMaker. 


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