ProcessCon ’23 – Developer Conference

The ProcessCon '23 Developer Conference featured online sessions showcasing the latest in process automation technologies, product and roadmap announcements, use cases sessions and a panel on the future of PHP development using the Laravel framework.


6 videos
2.6 hrs

ProcessCon '23 - The Future of Automation & ProcessMaker Platform

Check out this keynote from ProcessMaker Chief Product and Technology Officer Alex George as he walks you through the automation landscape and the roadmap for the ProcessMaker platform.

ProcessCon '23 - [Panel] The Future of Laravel Development

Check out this panel featuring Matt Stauffer, Jason McCreary, Ryan Cooley and Ethan Preserg as they discuss the future of PHP and the Laravel framework.

ProcessCon '23 - The Road Ahead

Check out this session with ProcessMaker Product Manager Neal Nealing and Engineering Manager Ryan Cooley as they walk you through new platform features including lifecycle management.

ProcessCon '23 - GitHub Actions with Laravel with Jason McCreary

Check out this hands-on session with Jason McCreary as he walks you through using GitHub Actions with Laravel.

ProcessCon '23 - ChatGPT Integration

Check out this session where we showcase ProcessMaker's integration with Slack and AI-powerhouse ChatGPT.

ProcessCon '23 - ProcessMaker IDP Showcase

Check out this session where the ProcessMaker team showcases the benefits of intelligent document processing using a transfer credit process for higher education.

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