Leave Absence Part 1

How to Run a Process

To begin a leave of absence request the end user must first log into his ProcessMaker account.  Once inside the Home area, the user will click “New Case” and then select which process he’d like to begin from the list. In this case, the Leave of Absence Request.

When the Dynaform opens, some of the information has auto-filled including the employee’s name, whom he reports to, today’s date, how much vacation he’s taken, how much is available, and when his vacation is renewed.  The user then simply follows the instructions by filling out the fields with the details of his request. The Dynaform is laid out to assist the user as much as possible. Here the user can select the date range using popup calendars.  The days are then automatically calculated in the days box, before the user enters comments regarding his request.

Once the user is satisfied with all of the details for the request, he hit the “Submit” button followed by “Continue”.  And then he’s returned to the Home area.

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