Is your bank equipped to handle security attacks and major policy shifts?

Every day, banks are faced with illicit financial transactions not limited to money laundering, terrorist financing, and cyber-related crime. How can you empower your customers to bank with peace of mind, while still adhering to compliance and security protocol?

Merge people, data, and processes all in one system.

ProcessMaker enables you to sync stakeholders and each part of the transaction process in one easy-to-read overlay. Not only will you be able to see everything that is happening on the customer side, but you can also manage your bank’s need to be compliant at the same time. Automating these processes eliminates the possibility for human error here.

Easy integration with current systems

Our goal is to uplift your current systems to meet the demands of today. Our software integrates with most systems to enable: faster decision-making, easier communication between bank staff, and increased accountability during screenings, rule changes, and other customer interactions. ProcessMaker makes your current suite compliant-ready and up-to-date.

Improve reporting and audit trails.

Because our software relies on technology to gather, synthesize, and apply data, this means human error significantly drops. With artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA), data is analyzed and deployed from one digital source. You’ll never have to worry about paper documentation or miscommunication between stakeholders ever again.

Face new regulations head on

New regulations—like KYC, AML, FATCA, CRS, FINRA, Basel III, IFRS9, and the aftermath of the global economic crisis—are forcing banks to change rapidly to meet the demands of new policies and regulations. The legal landscape is volatile and requires significant updates to technology to handle the new workload. With ProcessMaker, your bank can stay ahead of new policy changes.

Be prepared to pivot quickly, right when you need it most.

Whether you are implementing policies to prevent crime or streamlining your operations from within, ProcessMaker allows you to meet governance requirements without sacrificing technology lags—bringing your customers the quality, compliant value they deserve.

Further Risk and Compliance Capabilities:

Prevent Illegal Financial Transactions with Anti-Money Laundering
Terrorist organizations and nation-states pose an increasing risk to financial institutions today. ProcessMaker serves as a unified platform that enables visibility, scalability, and data synchronization between all stakeholders involved in a transaction. The best part? Everything is automated, meaning your personnel won’t make a mistake, thanks to advanced technology like machine learning and iBPM.

Mitigate and Manage Credit Risk
Weigh risk, score accurately, and price competitively in your market during the credit approval process using artificial intelligence. ProcessMaker is the digital overlay you need to view your bank’s functions from the enterprise level. Having intelligent case management and enterprise risk management in place ensures you will serve the right customers with the right solutions.

Master Know Your Customer to Fight Fraud and Pass Audits
Nearly 17 million consumers were victims of identity fraud last year. Using machine learning and graph intelligence, ProcessMaker KYC helps you learn who is on the other side of the borrowing process to make accurate decisions, without ever compromising compliance or security.

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