Explore our Digital Process Automation Platform

Check out a video series showcasing the ProcessMaker platform to see if there is a fit for you and your organization today.

Building a Process

The modeler empowers business users to design business processes in days, not months. Drag and drop tasks and decision points on to the modeling canvas, and then add in your forms, users, data connectors and more. The ProcessMaker modeler is BPMN 2.0 compliant, intuitive, and powerful.

Running a Leave of Absence Request

Check out a video demo run through a Leave of Absence request in ProcessMaker from start to finish.

Actions by Email

Actions by email allow decision makers to Approve or Reject Requests directly from their email inbox or from Slack. This component takes the data from any form and renders it in an email along with big green and red buttons for Approve and Reject. This component also works off-line so executives can review and make decisions without a connection and have the system automatically synch when they connect again.

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