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This 10 hour course includes 9 hours of training videos, followed by a 1 hour Question & Answer session to clarify any material covered in the videos and ask about any other topics regarding ProcessMaker.

Course Fee: $ 995.00

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Video 1.

Process Mapping and User/Role Management, 3 hours

The first video covers the fundamentals including BPM Basics, Process Design, Routing Rules, Tasks, Calendars, Users, Groups, Departments, External Authentication of Users, Roles with Permissions, Process Permissions, Process Supervisors, Running Cases and Case Management.

Video 2.

DynaForms, Database Connections & Documents, 3 hours

The second video delves into ProcessMaker Architecture, custom DynaForms (Field Properties, XML, HTML), Grids, PM Tables, Database Connections, Dependent Fields, Steps, Input & Output Documents, and JavaScript. 

Video 3.

Advanced Features and Customization, 3 hours

The last video explores advanced features and the customization of processes including Triggers, Email with Conditional Notifications,  Events, Subprocesses, Web Entry, Case Tracker, Web Services, and the administration of Plugins, Skins and Languages.

The training videos can be viewed online at the ProcessMaker website for a period of one week.

Live Question & Answer Session, 1 hour

At the end of the one week period, a Live Question & Answer Session will be scheduled to discuss any topics which need further clarification or more in-depth explanation. All questions regarding ProcessMaker are welcome, but please note that some questions may require the purchase of additional support or consulting hours to fully resolve.  


The training videos may NOT be redistributed and may only be viewed by the individual or members of the organization which purchased the ProcessMaker Boot Camp Training Course. 

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