Improve operations and do more with less.

From domestic services to national security, a government’s responsibilities are extensive and complicated. With reduced revenue, Federal, state/province, and local/city government must reduce this complexity and run more cost-effectively. They must optimize systems and processes to meet citizen demands and budgetary pressures to do more with less.

Case Management, Procurement, and other BPM Solutions

  • Healthcare case management
  • Procurement
  • Grants management
  • IT services
  • Cross-agency collaboration
  • Regulatory enforcement and licensing
  • Security and privacy controls for sensitive information
"By implementing ProcessMaker we achieve to expedite and improve the control of electronic notices process. The SINE is now used by the judges of Ecuador by presidential decree."
— Ing. Fabrizio Verdezoto, Commercial Manager, DFL Corporation
"We had two challenges: Decrease the amount of requests per month and show all the work that was done and not registered. Now that there is a digitization policy, activities are being executed in a faster way."
— Luis Bonini, Systems Development Manager