ProcessMaker Enterprise Subscriptions

For Large-Scale or Business Critical Deployments

  • On-Site or SaaS workflow and business process management application
  • Web-based, form-driven processes
  • Graphical, drag-and-drop workflow map
  • Professional technical support package
  • Scalability and high availability
  • Dashboards and ad hoc reporting

ProcessMaker Enterprise Subscriptions are intended for business and technical managers working in business critical settings at corporations, government agencies, and other organizations. The only charge for an enterprise subscription to ProcessMaker workflow automation software is an annual subscription fee. You are not charged high enterprise license fees that are typical with proprietary BPM software solutions. This approach offers a lower cost solution for fully supported, thoroughly tested, and full featured business process management solution.


Professional Enterprise Support Packages

If you need help, you need to get it in a timely manner. You can't wait and hope for a response on a community forum to get the answers you need. A dedicated ProcessMaker team offers a support experience that fits your business needs, based on the offering you select. All support packages offer 9-5 (GMT -5) support.


Scalability and High-Availability for Large Deployments

Large scale deployments can be achieved through the enterprise addition of enterprise plugins and support for clustering configurations of both the process engine and back-end database. Load-balancing and failover support ProcessMaker deployments on a large number of servers to manage a large number of processes running for a large number of users.


Dashboards and Ad Hoc Reporting

Dashboards can provide immediate insight into process performance for individuals, departments, or enterprise-wide. By delivering key metrics in an attractive and intuitive visual interface, ProcessMaker Dashboards give managers the information they need to understand and improve organizational performance. For example, the number of overdue requests can be visually represented for each process, so specific processes can be isolated as being chronically overdue and requiring attention.

  • Business users can easily create their own personalized dashboards
  • Users can drill down to underlying reports to understand what factors are contributing to good or poor process performance
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel

Enterprise Edition Pricing