Case Archive and Restore for ProcessMaker

Case ArchiveDesigned to provide the functionality to archive and restore old cases, enhancing ProcessMaker performance and allowing better organization and backup control.


  • Allows ProcessMaker administrators to archive large case loads.
  • Allows for better maintenance and audit controls for ProcessMaker instances.
  • Ensures that large scale implementations can off-load old cases from the main inbox, in order to ensure speed at high scale.
  • Cases can be restored to user inboxes at any time by the administrator.
  • Allows efficient database management, decreasing source consuming and database stress.


In running systems, where a lot of information is manipulated every day, data is very important to be consulted, but not all data is required to be stored in the database, specially old data. That's why, old information is archived to get historical data. The Case Archive plugin empowers ProcessMaker to provide the functionality to archive and unarchive old cases.

 What you can do with this Enterprise Plugin:

  • Archive Cases
  • Generate historical data fields
  • Reducing the data loading on the database querying
  • Query historical data.
  • Restore archived cases.


Check out how the Case Archive and Restore plugin works in our documentation.


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