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We are proud to announce ProcessMaker version, improving on our ProcessMaker platform, which we released in January. Check out how we have made ProcessMaker 3.0 even better!


Security improvements

New PMFunctions, Many PMFunctions have been created in order to reduce the code needed to access ProcessMaker data; and to avoid direct access to the ProcessMaker tables, using the executeQuery() function. Take a look at the complete PM Functions list for this version.
executeQuery Improvement, This function has been modified to include a blacklist of ProcessMaker tables. Meaning that we are restricting the modification of ProcessMaker core tables, using the executeQuery function. The goal of this restriction is to guarantee data integrity in ProcessMaker Core Tables. Many known issues were related to data integrity problems in ProcessMaker, caused by direct modification of core tables using SQL queries. Usual queries executed against ProcessMaker core tables were implemented in PMFunctions. Additionally, this restriction forces Process Architects to create “Migration ready” processes, taking into account that the PM Functions used won’t have to be modified, even if the ProcessMaker data schema changes in future versions. For more information, see: Protecting Processmaker Core Tables and PM Tables.
Vulnerabilities fixes, This version includes many security improvements and corrections, aimed to avoid overwriting issues. A new setting is available to forbid opening multiple browser instances of ProcessMaker. This restriction affects the following tabs: Home, Designer, Dashboards, KPIs, Admin, and any of the options inside them. For more information, visit: Blocking multiple browser instances.

Promotion Manager

A new enterprise feature has been included in this version, to allow end-users to selectively export and import process objects, which include: the Process Definition, Assignment Rules, Variables, Dynaforms, Input Documents, Output Documents, Triggers, Report Tables, Templates, Files, DB Connection, Permissions, Supervisors and Supervisors Objects. For more information, see Promotion Manager.

New Compatible Mobile Version Released

Get a new experience working with ProcessMaker on your IOS and Android devices with the new mobile edition version. Take a look at the complete Release Notes for ProcessMaker Mobile 1.0.8.

Issues Fixed

And last but not least, a number of important issues have been fixed in this version. Take a look at the complete Release Notes.
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