Weekly Roundup: Top Tech Articles from Week of 2/3/20

Weekly Roundup time! This past week we discussed the ultimate cheat sheet on workflows, the top iPaaS solutions of 2020, best practices for using student data, and how to be sure your company can remain innovative. Read on to learn more!


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Workflow

One of the main benefits of automated workflow is time savings. How does a workflow save time? It utilizes a series of sequential processes or steps, that can be executed without any manual intervention – so then, there is a flow. With automation, this entails adding digitization to the mix which will improve speed and accuracy. 


Top Five iPaaS Solutions in 2020

But what if you need more than a lead to move from a form in WordPress to Salesforce? What if you need to add some more complexity in terms of workflow between these two applications and the data they share via API? Enter the enterprise iPaaS, which, much like its cousin no-code, has the same ultimate goal. The question for buyers is how complex do the integrations between apps and systems need to be? How sophisticated? The more complex, the more likely you will want to look into one of the top five enterprise iPaaS solutions at the top of the article. Less sophisticated integrations can be easily created on Zapier.

student data

Best Practices for Using Student Data on Campus

Universities can harness this data in new and unique ways. It can help campuses develop capabilities and systems to serve students with personalized messages and support. Additionally, with predictive analytics, it can also lead to addressing factors that can help increase the chances of student success. 


Yet with all this data, campuses need to know how to use this data in a way that promotes effective and efficient practices, while addressing the needs of the students’ experiences and security as their starting point. In this article, we’ll go over best practices that can help universities enable student success and serve a diverse population.


Is Your Company as Innovative as You Think it Is?

A vast majority of companies on the planet consider themselves innovative. In tech, every company thinks they’re innovative. However, it’s more complicated than that and innovation is relative with varying degrees. Many companies think they are innovative because at one time, they were. The key to innovation, however, is consistency and adaptability so just because you were innovative five years ago doesn’t mean you still are. A lot of companies believe they are innovative because of one thing. For example, they may use cloud computing so they’re innovative. Wrong. It can’t just be one thing you’re doing to follow a trend, innovation is a mindset and approach to all major decisions in your company. It’s also a willingness to take risks and experiment, two things that frighten most C-Level executives. So let’s take a look at some ways you can determine just how innovative your company really is with some short questions.

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