Weekly Roundup: Top Tech Articles from Week of 12/2

Cheyenne Noelle December 6, 2019 Weekly Roundup

weekly roundup

It’s Weekly Roundup time! This past week, we covered workflow management, fair lending, open education, and building quality customer experience with AI. Lastly, be sure to read up on our latest success story on Invex Bank. Enjoy!

1. Success Story of the Week: Invex Bank

Invex Bank improves its call center response time by 90% after implementing ProcessMaker to handle workflows and data transfer! Download the full case study here to learn more about Invex Bank’s digital transformation using ProcessMaker.

workflow management system

2. The 10 Features Your Workflow Management System Needs

A workflow management system (WMS) helps your company reduce repetitive processes or simplify a set of tasks. There are numerous tools out there touting the benefits of a WMS, so we’ve provided a guide of 10 important things to look for to get the highest quality system. Read on to discover what to consider!

fair lending

3. How AI Will Revolutionize Fair Lending

Banks, mortgage lenders, and FinTech startups are starting to leverage the vast amount of data available to more accurate, informed decision-making in lending. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have the potential to revolutionize the fair lending process as we know it today. Want to see how? Check out this read.

open education

4. 5 Things You Should Know About Open Education

While colleges struggle to attract students, the concept of open education can bridge the gap between outdated campuses and new student demands in the wake of digital transformation. Not familiar with open education? Read our article to learn more.

customer experience

5. How to Build a 5-Star Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

People remember and are impacted by experiences far greater than digital forms of advertising. With this in mind, businesses are turning to AI to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Read more to learn how in this new read!

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