Weekly Roundup: Top Tech Articles from Week of 11/25

Another Weekly Roundup for you! Last week we covered open-source software, OCR and BPM in higher education, our cloud solution, and credit in the age of AI. Lastly, be sure to read up on our latest success story on the Fiscal Public Ministry of Argentina. Enjoy!

ministerio publico fiscal

1. Success Story of the Week: Fiscal Public Ministry (MPF) of Argentina

The Fiscal Public Ministry of Buenos Aires, Argentina is responsible for complaint submissions and inquiries from citizens. The Ministry digitally transformed its administrative duties and submission requests using the ProcessMaker platform! Read more on the case study here.


2. How BPM Can Address Data Privacy Concerns in Higher Ed

When it comes to data privacy, colleges and universities are fighting an uphill battle on a daily basis. Using BPM, these academic venues can identify areas of potential improvement so that they can run more efficient processes. Read on to discover how privacy can be addressed with BPM in higher ed.

higher education

3. How OCR & Workflow Software Can Improve the Digitization of Higher Education

With BPM and Amazon Textract, higher education can start to embrace the type of digital transformation necessary to thrive in the digital economy. Check out our most recent digital transformation post to learn more.

cloud workflow solution

4. The 5 Key Benefits of Using ProcessMaker’s Cloud Workflow Solution 

Did you know that we are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner? ProcessMaker’s cloud-based workflow solution helps teams get more done with less code, with the security and scalability of the cloud. Check out this post to learn more about why ProcessMaker is the elite cloud workflow platform.


5. Credit Denial in the Age of AI

Even in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), we are still seeing loopholes in the system. Read our article to learn more about the traditional credit score, who is at risk, capitalizing on the “unbanked”, and how AI can work for or against positive change in the credit denial process.

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We sincerely hope you enjoy this content we have carefully curated just for you. Have any questions or comments regarding any posts, or have an idea for a piece of content? Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with your questions, comments, and inquiries. Until next week, happy reading!


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