ProcessMaker wins Ellucian’s Rising Star Award at Educause

Ellucian Rising Star Award

ProcessMaker received the prestigious Ellucian Rising Star Award at the Educause partner summit on November 3rd.  ProcessMaker’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joseph Torano, was at the event to receive the award from Ellucian’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Boyce.  Mr. Torano also discussed ProcessMaker’s upcoming plans for its higher education BPM and Workflow offerings.

Ellucian Workflow - Partner of the Year
ProcessMaker Chief Revenue Officer, Joe Torano, receives the Rising Star Partner of the Year Award from Ellucian’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Boyce.

Ellucian Workflow

Ellucian Workflow is a powerful new addition to the Ellucian line of products.  Previous workflow products at Ellucian were limited in functionality and scope.  Previous workflow products were also directly tied to one of the Ellucian ERP or CRM products (such as Banner workflow).  Ellucian Workflow, however, is based on a much more modern architecture.  Ellucian workflow can stand on its own and is directly integrated to the Ellucian Ethos Data platform.
Thanks to its connection to the Ellucian Ethos Platform, Ellucian Workflow can connect to partner products as well as Ellucian products.  Ethos gives life to Ellucian data models in products like Banner and Colleague.  Ethos exposes data through REST APIs.  Ellucian Workflow has full integration with the Ethos APIs.  As a result, all the heavy lifting has already been done for you.  Thanks to the Ethos integration, Ellucian Workflow allows business analysts to design workflows that interact with data in Banner, Colleague, and other Ellucian.  However, Ellucian Workflow also interacts with outside systems.

Interacting at a Higher Level

It is important to be able to interact not just with internal Ellucian data but also external systems.  Workflow tends to cross boundaries and borders.  It is great to be able to affect or read data from within Banner or Colleague.  However, you may also want a workflow to connect to a digital signature product like Docusign.  You may also want to connect it to your favorite payment platform, or an expensive product, or a social platform like Twitter or Facebook.
Ellucian Workflow does not just connect all of these services and data sets.  Instead, it allows users to build logical, coherent, and VISUAL workflows which clearly dictate how the interaction will occur.  Now we can say we want to do task X before task Y, and then we want to do tasks D and E in parallel.   If task D takes longer than 72 hours (our service level commitment), we can design the workflow so that someone is alerted of a change in the direction of the process.  An enterprise-grade workflow like Ellucian Workflow gives us time-sequenced and time-bound task management.  Simple task systems like Trello or To-Do list are great.  However, if you need time-sequenced and time-bound tasks with specific instructions taken by specific actors, then you need a system like Ellucian Workflow.

Workflow for ISVs

ProcessMaker has a comprehensive product offering for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors).  ProcessMaker works with leading ERP, CRM, iPaaS and other vendors that are looking to embed world-class workflow and BPM technology into their product offering.  ProcessMaker offers an award winning BPM Suite (ProcessMaker BPM & Workflow Suite).  ProcessMaker also now offers a Workflow Orchestration Microservice called ProcessMaker I/O.  ProcessMaker I/O is a highly scalable, highly resilient workflow microservice.  ProcessMaker can be embedded into any product stack to manage workflow behind the scenes.

ellucian workflow

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