ProcessMaker 3.1 Coming October 4th!

Why we are excited about Version 3.1:
Data Reporting Tools – This is an entirely new reporting framework built from the ground up which replaces the previous reporting tools in ProcessMaker. Our new Data Reporting Tools permit users to create reports with built-in security models, perform joins on multiple data sets as well as on the core ProcessMaker application tables, and export reports to excel and PDF. The solution also has a great UI which allows lots of operations inside reports like grouping, totals, and more.
Gmail Integration – Our Gmail integration is like none you have ever seen. We integrate our workflow inbox with the user’s Gmail inbox so that pending workflow tasks are actual emails. This means that you can do a deep Google-driven search across your inbox in milliseconds. The integration also includes storage of files in Google Drive and connectors for Sheets and Google Calendar.
Enterprise Connectors Plugin – If you are using ProcessMaker triggers to connect to the APIs of other products, your life just got a whole lot easier. Our new connectors plugin allows you to connect to the API of any other Oauth/REST API by simply naming the resource. It takes just seconds to build a custom connector for almost any of your favorite applications. ProcessMaker v3.1 comes with a ready to use set of connectors and the list of connectors is constantly growing!
New and Improved Security Features – 3.1 has some great new security features including improved event logging and exportable SIEM log files.
Off-line Mobile Forms – Lost Connectivity while working on Mobile? No problem – ProcessMaker Mobile forms now work off-line.
Process Validator – Get contextual validation for correcting your BPMN 2.0 process models as you build them thanks to the new Validation Tool in the ProcessMaker Designer.

These are just a few of the highlights coming in ProcessMaker 3.1. Make sure not to miss our upcoming Webinars which will dive deeper into these new features!
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