Introducing ProcessMaker 3.4!

We are proud to announce our latest release: ProcessMaker 3.4! Take advantage of the newly released Theme Plugin that empowers you to customize a newly designed interface for your ProcessMaker instance. This version also includes updates and further support for our SAML plugin including Microsoft Azure and support for MySQL 5.7. Further changes in this release include an update to our Actions by Email feature that allows users to respond with an email to take action and provide additional feedback. These are just a few of the improvements and additions we’ve made to the platform. Read on to learn about more.

Major improvements to ProcessMaker in this release also include a task manager for emails so email functions and events within ProcessMaker are handled by a queue management system that operates in the background to improve performance and usability. Forms have also been improved with a new UX and asynchronous loading so users can build forms with multiple dependent fields without issue. We’ve also made improvements to our search and advanced search functionality so that users can save their searches for use later. 
At ProcessMaker, our passion for innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Innovation leads to better experiences for you, our customers, and the people who interact with our platform every single day. Our product team has been hard at work to implement valuable feedback from the ProcessMaker community. We hope you enjoy our new release and look forward to continuing to improve the platform to deliver the best possible experience to our customers!

See a full list of improvements and updates to the ProcessMaker platform in this new release below:

Theme Plugin 

  • Responsive design that improves the experience in tablets 
  • Home tab improved with a collapsible menu to access the case lists 
  • Cases list can now be also displayed as cards or lists 
  • Open cases in the same view of the list 
  • Actions and search options are also changed with elegant design 
  • The presentation of the starting task was reorganized; starting tasks are now presented as cards 
  • Filter the elements by process category 
  • Customize the cards with icons and colors to differentiate them at a glance 
  • Control who can use the new UI based on their role

SAML Authentication Plugin
Introducing our newly improved Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Plugin which allows users to  leverage single sign-on with the following supported by SAML 2.0:

  • Azure 
  • Apps4u 
  • ADFS 
  • Okta 
  • OneLogin 
  • OpenAM 
  • Ping 
  • Shibboleth

Email Response
Our update to Actions by Email allows users to complete tasks and provide feedback directly from their email accounts. 
MySQL 5.7 Support
ProcessMaker now supports the latest stable version of MySQL bringing major performance and security benefits to the ProcessMaker platform.
Asynchronous Loading of Dependent Fields
The usability of forms has significantly improved so that the use of multiple dependent fields is supported now that their data is loaded asynchronously and in parallel.
Advanced Search Improvement
You can now create and save your advanced searches without losing advanced search criteria, as well as improvements to Case title search with full-text searching.
Task Manager for Emails
All intermediate email events and PM Functions will be sent through queue jobs in the background improving performance and usability. 
Various Improvements to the Suggest Control

  • Force selection – when this option is on, the field does not accept values that are not in the list of options. 
  • Result limit – Allows users to define the number of elements displayed in the list of options. 
  • The Suggest control displays options when the field is empty to give end-users a clear idea of the items present on the list. 
  • The Suggest control implements the Select2 library, which improves the UI of the control.

To learn more about our new release, sign up for our upcoming webinar! 

Introducing ProcessMaker 3.4!

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