We Are Glad to Announce the Release of ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is loaded with new features, performance and UI enhancements, in addition to 300+ bug fixes.
Among the major new features included in this version, having the ability to set the multi time zone and multi-language support becomes a real breakthrough in terms of workforce integration:
Multi Time Zone Support
In many existing implementations, all users interact with ProcessMaker in the corporate time zone, which will normally be the time zone of the headquarters of the implementing company, and the time zone in which the database runs. This means that remote users have to be aware of the time difference between their location and that of the corporate headquarters.
However, from ProcessMaker on, users are able to employ a user-preferred time zone, acquiring the capability to specify their local time zone for both display and entry of date-time fields. Key direct benefits of this are:

  • Users see date-time fields in their preferred (local) time zone and can enter date-time data in this time zone.
  • Date-time fields are processed to be stored in Universal Time Code (UTC), in the ProcessMaker database.
  • When retrieved, date-time data is displayed in accordance with the time zone where users are located.

For detailed information on using this new feature, please refer to the product wiki page.
Multi-Language Support
In addition to the admins’ current ability to set a default language for their ProcessMaker server, Multi-Language Support allows registered users to set the language they want to see the ProcessMaker user interface by default.  The list of available languages is defined by the language files (.po files) currently installed on the ProcessMaker server.
For detailed information on using this new feature, please refer to the product wiki page.
For details on all the new features and enhancements available in ProcessMaker, please see its release notes.
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