Expert Interview Series: Brad Bock with Bitnami About Running Applications in Different Environments

The folks at Bitnami know how much time developers can spend researching, downloading and configuring applications to run in a variety of different environments. That’s why they decided to take away the headaches by creating packaging technology that allows developers to do all this in one click. Here, Partner Success Manager Brad Bock explains how they do this and their special partnership with us here at ProcessMaker. Read on:

What is Bitnami? What services do you offer?
Bitnami is the leading catalog for ready-to-run server applications. Our packaging technology enables us to make applications available to run on any of the major cloud platforms as pre-configured images; as Virtual Machines that can be downloaded and run on a customer’s hypervisor of choice; as containers; and on people’s personal computers via downloadable installers.
In addition to making software run on all these platforms, we automatically update all of the software in our library as soon as new versions or security updates are released, which guarantees that our users always get the most up-to-date version of any app in the Bitnami library. We also make our open-source apps available in many third-party marketplaces and are the leading supplier of cloud images for major platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Platform.

Describe your partnership with ProcessMaker.
ProcessMaker signed on with Bitnami early in 2015 and was available in the marketplace starting in May. ProcessMaker wanted to make their application available in the Bitnami marketplace and give their potential and existing users a frictionless way to deploy the application to the cloud. Bitnami values having ProcessMaker in our marketplace because they are a leader among BPM applications and they provide high-quality software targeted at the kind of enterprise users we want to attract.
Along the way, in order to bring even more exposure to ProcessMaker and give all kinds of users an option to run the application, we also decided to package their open source offering and make it available in our library and third party marketplaces. Our partnership makes great sense because Bitnami’s mission is to be the go-to place for awesome software, which ProcessMaker certainly is, and ProcessMaker seeks to reach new users and provide them with seamless deployment experience.

Why would business users want to run applications in different environments?
Many of our users want to try out applications on their desktop or laptop computers before deploying them in the cloud. We make it easy for them to do that; all they have to do is download the installer we provide and run the software locally. If they decide they like the software, they can go back and deploy a cloud image or VM for production purposes.
Different organizations have different requirements: some, for example, only need software to be run behind the firewall in the company datacenter; while others may need the same app to run in the cloud on one or more platforms. Whatever the situation, our variety of deployment options make what used to be a difficult and time-consuming process of configuring virtual servers, databases, and run-times to work on your individual environment a piece of cake.

How does Bitnami make evaluating ProcessMaker and other business software easier?
For end-users, Bitnami generally makes it easier to evaluate applications in multiple environments by taking away the need for lengthy and difficult configuration. It can take all day to configure your environment to run an application, so being able to do it in a few clicks with our images, VMs and installers enable a far better experience.
With ProcessMaker, for example, someone who wants to evaluate the software can have it running in the AWS cloud in about a minute with our one-hour demo. Since one of ProcessMaker’s key market segments is non-technical users, the easy deployment experience Bitnami provides helps them reach that audience.

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