Hack ProcessMaker I/O to Win Big $$$ and Present at All Things Open

There is still more than a week left in the ProcessMaker Hackathon before the All Things Open Conference (ATO).   If you haven’t read about it yet, click here to see what it is all about.

We have been eager to get processmaker.io into the hands of developers for some time now.  Now that the alpha release is out, we decided to add in the hackathon as a lead up event to the All Things Open Conference which is happening in Raleigh, NC on October 23-24 (25 minutes away from our Headquarters in Durham).

All Things Open Conference

I can’t write this blog article without saying a few things about All Things Open.  The All Things Open Conference is an amazing open source software conference.  The founder of the conference is a great guy (Todd Lewis) who constantly impresses me.  He has a rock solid moral fabric, and it shines through in everything he does.  I find that most conferences are soulless corporate events.  Not this one.  The All Things Open Conference is one of the few conferences around that is propelled by true personal passion.  Definitely check it out.

ProcessMaker I/O Hackathon Demo Session

Our CTO, Taylor Dondich will present some of the winning integration/hacks at the All Things Open Conference.  We really want to emphasize that our new product ProcessMaker.io is totally different than ProcessMaker.com as you may have gathered from previous posts.  While ProcessMaker is a full BPM and Workflow suite focused on midmarket and large enterprises, ProcessMaker I/O takes a different approach.  ProcessMaker I/O is a true workflow microservice. There is really nothing like it in the market today.  It is a true workflow microservice.  It is pure and simple.  We have resisted the urge to add anything other than pure workflow engine beauty to this API.

Partnering with the Best

We will be showcasing 3rd party process designers, form designers, iPaas APIs and much more with ProcessMaker.io.  ProcessMaker.io is meant to be part of a larger puzzle – the type of puzzle that ISVs are trying to solve every day as they seek to bring products to market or improve existing products.

We think that a public hackathon is the perfect way to encourage people to explore the API and see what they can do with it.  The sky truly is the limit.  We believe that the API is ideal for powering digital signature solutions, messaging solutions, iPaaS, ERPs, CRMs, and so so much more.  All of these solutions eventually get cornered into creating a workflow layer in their product, and the results usually are not pretty (see my blog next week which explores why workflow functionality is usually so awful in most enterprise software products).

Great workflow is hard to do well.  If you are building another product and workflow is an afterthought and/or it is not your core competency, then your workflow will not be good.  Trust us, we have seen the problem time and time again.

We know you are out there – software vendors, ISVs, platform builders.  We want to see what you can do with our API.  I’ve had countless conversations over the past months with ISVs big and small around the world. Every CTO and Product Manager that I have spoken to seems to get what we are doing.  The reaction is always the same – yeah, it would be really cool to have a workflow microservice to use to meet our workflow needs inside our product.

Well, now you have it.

There is Still Time to Participate, Win, and Join us Up on Stage

There are still 7 days to show what you can do with ProcessMaker.io and create a cool hack.  We think that a creative programmer will be able to create something cool in just a few hours.  Our API documentation is awesome so we don’t think it will take you long to integrate our API with something you are building.

Did I mention the prizes?  Well, just have a look here.  The prizes are great – an iphone X, Alexa Echo, Raspberry Pi Kits, and $2,400 in AWS gift cards.

So check it out, impress us, and win big.

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