Advanced Dashboards

Advanced Dashboards

advanced dashboards

advanced dashboards

When you implement a BPM solution such as ProcessMaker to automate your processes and improve your efficiency, it’s usually a good idea to have some way of measuring the amount of improvement that you’ve achieved. ProcessMaker’s advanced dashboards give users, administrators and managers that functionality. Dashboards are customizable, can report on any data in your ProcessMaker installation and feature advanced drilldown functionality.

Administrators can configure advanced dashboards from the admin menu of ProcessMaker. Here they can select a PM table or report table to use as the data repository.

PM tables and report tables are similar to database tables however they are stored in ProcessMaker in order to reuse data or store and retrieve data from processes.

Once an administrator has selected a PM or report table, they can choose other options such as what type of data to display upon drill down. The final part of configuring your new dashboard is to write a concatenated SQL query to pick up the data and render it in the dashboard with its drill down capability.

Dashboards can be assigned to individual users, groups, departments or left open for all to view. Furthermore, you can assign different dashboards to different users.

ProcessMaker’s advanced dashboards give organizations the ability to monitor huge amounts of different data. Whether it’s measuring the productivity of departments by process, or identifying bottlenecks in processes the advanced dashboards provide both simple information at a glance and detailed information in a drill down feature.

With ProcessMaker, businesses can automate processes and increase efficiency in their workflows. With ProcessMaker’s advanced dashboards, businesses can now measure that efficiency and identify areas for further improvement.


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