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At ProcessMaker, we value our partners. That’s why we created the ProcessMaker Partner Program to support agents and companies that include our award-winning BPM solution in their sales portfolio.

Robust and flexible BPM solution

ProcessMaker is a mature, stable and high-performance BPM product that offers robust, out-of-the-box functionality while maintaining the flexibility to automate processes in any industry. This makes ProcessMaker the perfect fit for a wide range of markets.

Best-in-class training programs

We put customer satisfaction at the core of our sales strategy to build product loyalty. ProcessMaker’s best-in-class training programs and professional certification empower both your team and customers to master our BPM solution and ensure success long after the sale.

Comprehensive sales and marketing support

Equip yourself with ProcessMaker’s comprehensive sales and marketing support to provide your team with the most current, quality sales collateral. Let us help you market and sell our BPM solution to generate leads for your company and convert prospects into purchases.

Self-sustaining revenue growth

Self-sustaining revenue growth

Our Partner Program is designed to help you cultivate a continuous revenue stream by ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing subscription renewal rates. Become one of our partners to take advantage of these benefits and grow your business.

Choose the right program for you

Choose the right program for you

Choose from a variety of partner types such as referral partners, OEM partners, resellers, value added resellers (VARs), to sell or integrate ProcessMaker as part of your product offering are a perfect fit for our partner programs.

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