“The success of many VARs in the open source ecosystem is based on their ability to repackage open source software into a user-friendly platform... look no further than ProcessMaker, the workflow package from ProcessMaker that debuted a much-enhanced version May 15th."

The Var Guy

Zagiel S.A.“The Implementation of ProcessMaker workflows helped us to achieve firm and efficient process management agility, with significantly decreased efforts on solution development.”

Radoslaw Zak-Brodalko
ICT Architect 
Zagiel S.A


"ProcessMaker has helped us improve the efficiency of our employees. Instead of running around to get approvals, we now have a software based process management. It has also helped us get better control over the various processes in our organization"

Pinkesh Jain, Finance Manager
Lakozy Toyota 

Lenovo“ProcessMaker is a very flexible, easy-to-use solution. Lenovo would recommend it to anyone who is looking for workflow improvements or even just to simplify their processes” 

Denes Trestyanszki, Call center operations leader

Processmaker_decsis"With ProcessMaker in place, we can manage our commercial processes and ensure our business runs smoothly, from the creation of a proposal to the shipment of our products."

Manuel Silva, CEO

processmaker_peru"We are quite satisfied with ProcessMaker. We have tightened controls and cut back on processing time for each registry and publication application. Finally, we can make the data specifically related to currently registered companies available so we can draw up environmental impact studies in the housing sector."

William Anaya,
Head of UPENMinistry of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation 

processmaker_maptek"Processmaker has delivered more than we were looking for. It allowed us to reduce printing, scanning, signing and mailing documents around our offices and also gave us a platform to automate some HR and project management processes and make others much more reliable and consistent. We are doing more and more with Processmaker all the time."

Rod Hawkes,
Services Manager, Maptek

processmaker_nuevatel“…the implementation of ProcessMaker allowed Nuevatel to standardize our processes, reduce procurement times, eliminate paper forms all while increasing traceability and historical information for analysis.” 

Ramiro Gonzales, Purchasing and Logistics Manager

"AgroTechnology transfer and commercialization center successfully uses ProcessMaker to benefit the company’s business and its government clients. We have automated most of the company’s business processes and achieved very good level of work transparency and efficiency".

Bekembaev Arman, Business Development Manager
AgroTechnology Transfer and Commercialization Center Ltd.

processmaker_edautomate“ProcessMaker has provided a foundation for our company to rapidly customize workflows for U.S. school districts. ProcessMaker’s partnerships with other outstanding open source products like Pentaho and Knowledge Tree provide us with a seamless workflow, records management and school district intelligence suite that meets the unique demands of teachers and administrators.”

James Spicuzza, Founder/CEO 

processmaker_renaissance"Before Processmaker, we were reading the newspapers first when we came to the work in the morning. Now, we are looking at our to-do lists. ProcessMaker has changed our habits"

Cenk Duzyol, CEO
Renaissance Construction

processmaker_universidad_medellin“ProcessMaker has given us the ability to centralize all the information regarding all of our inbound requests.  It is a tool that has made the job of managing these requests easier by allowing us to work across the network and find and solve requests from anywhere in the country.”

Rosa Elena Restrepo, Head of the Human Resources Department for the National University of Colombia - Medellín Branch

processMaker_municipio_trujillo"Now with ProcessMaker we can manage our time better and provide better service regarding the processes involved with both operating and building permits. Moreover, an easier and versatile way of auditing the validity periods for said permits also allows us to offer the population information that they need to complete paperwork and forms required for permits. "

Talia Rodriguez
Advisor for Municipal Administration,Trujillo

"With ProcessMaker we have been able to see a notable decrease in consultation times related to our users' requests.  Job allocation is now hassle free, and we can draw up a single form which handles all related processes. We are now able to manage the documentation generated by these processes digitally, and thus offer better service to our users. "

Cesar Gamarra, Systems manager