ProcessMaker Partner Program

The Partnership program is designed for Software distributors, IT consulting firms, or large or medium size Business Consulting Firms with IT practices. We encourage partners to derive revenue from both the sale of ProcessMaker products as well as ProcessMaker-related professional services opportunities. These professional services opportunities may include, among others:

  • ProcessMaker installation and configuration
  • Process design and implementation
  • Custom programming and functions extension
  • Process reengineering
  • Training

Partnership Levels and Benefits

The ProcessMaker Partner Program offers two partnership levels: Standard or Elite level partnerships, each with differing benefits according to the table below. If you are interested in an OEM relationship, Contact Us.

Partner Page Listing    
Access to PM University On-line Training    
Minimum Number of Certified Engineers N/A 1
Included Free Certification Exams N/A 2
Pre-Sales Support    
Monthly PM upgrade release webinars    
Co-marketed Case Studies    
Provide Additional Level 1&2 Customer Support    
Receive Regional Leads    
Cobranded Sales Collateral    
Joint Press Releases    
  • Partnership term is for 1 year and renews automatically.
  • For Elite Partners, ProcessMaker requires that at least 1 engineer pass the ProcessMaker certification exam within 3 months of becoming a partner.
  • Commissions/Discounts shown in this table are applicable only for ProcessMaker Subscriptions and Trainings. Different margins are applied for professional services and certain add-on products.

Glossary of Terms in Partnership Table

Partner Margin: Partner's commission is based on revenue received by ProcessMaker for subscriptions and training services service sold to customer.

Partner Page Listing: Partners are listed as official ProcessMaker partners on ProcessMaker Web Site.

PM Partner Portal Access: Partner is given access to the ProcessMaker Partner Portal to download sales presentations, sample quotes, sample project plans, and more.

PM University: PM provides a full online university with recordings, excercises, and exams for continuous learning. Partners are given access to this online university based on the partnership level selected.

Seats for ProcessMaker Advanced Training: PM provides recordings of On-line Advanced Training courses included but not limited to Advanced Webservices, Plug-in design and Integration design.

Pre-Sales Support: ProcessMaker will provide support to the partner on ProcessMaker sales opportunities the partner is actively pursuing (i.e. demos, quoting advice, help with RFI’s and RFP’s, sales strategy).

PM Pre-Release Webinars: ProcessMaker gives technical webinars to partners to review new features and functionality before each major new release.

Co- Marketing Studies: Partner and ProcessMaker Inc. can develop and release case studies.

PM Leads: Partner will receive qualified lead contacts from ProcessMaker lead engine at the discretion of ProcessMaker.

Joint Press Releases: ProcessMaker will create joint press releases in the partner’s market for noteworthy clients or events.

Partner’s Responsibilities

  • Provide monthly reports on opportunities with ProcessMaker.
  • Report any defects or errors in ProcessMaker.
  • Report ProcessMaker support contracts with clients.
  • Comply with standard procedures of sales and implementation projects, provided by ProcessMaker.
  • Provide marketing materials for projects implemented with ProcessMaker (Success Stories and Case Studies).
  • Contribute and participate actively in ProcessMaker Forum and Wiki