Ebooks & White papers

Ebook | 25th Feb 2016
BPMN20 - Ebook
BPMN stands for Business Process Modeling Notation. Like flowcharting BPMN modeling has the aim of allowing a person to map a workflow in such a way that it can be understood easily by other interested parties.
White paper | 25th Feb 2016
Telecom - Whitepaper
Telecom operators face significant challenges in terms of escalating customer expectations and threats from Over the Top (OTT) competitors. Business as usual is simply no longer an option for those who wish to survive.
White paper | 14th Mar 2016
Banking - Whitepaper
Banks are facing significant challenges in terms of escalating customer expectations, regulatory pressure, and threats from new digital competitors. Forget business as usual. A clear focus on quality, speed and agility is needed.
White paper | 7th Apr 2016
Healthcare - Whitepaper
Industry consolidation, increasingly better informed consumers, rising pharmaceutical costs and continuing regulatory pressure are a few of the major challenges that healthcare providers in North America need to address.
Ebook | 13th May 2016
5 Steps to Bpm Success
Enterprise software projects have a reputation for running over budget and over time or flat out resulting in failure. In fact according to one Gartner statistic, more than 50% of all BPM Software projects fail to deliver the results hoped for.
White paper | 5th Aug 2016
Manufacturing - Whitepaper
BPM can help manufacturing sector companies address competitive challenges and economic pressures, enabling them to not just reduce costs but also to improve value and speed-to market.

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