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"Now with ProcessMaker we can manage our time better and provide better service regarding the processes involved with both operating and building permits. Moreover, an easier and versatile way of auditing the validity periods for said permits also allows us to offer the population information that they need to complete paperwork and forms required for permits. " Talia Rodriguez Advisor for Municipal Administration Trujillo


The Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, which administers territorial organization and urban economic development, wanted to improve and simplify the paperwork required for obtaining both building permits and operating permits. Users felt they weren't being served well and that the forms were too long, wasted too much time, and above all were too costly. As a result, there were buildings that had no building permits and businesses that had no operating permits. All of this confusion adversely affected development. There was a need for information regarding requirements as well as the compatibility of land use with the state of previously initiated paperwork.

  • Too many requirements for starting paperwork (including forms which were not even evaluated), resulting in delays due to missing information
  • Lack of control in job allocation, resulting in overload.
  • Many administrative visits to the municipality to determine the progress of paperwork, and lack of statistical data to evaluate performance of these administrators
  • Bottleneck at the boss' desk for signing the permit or approving a measure.
  • Difficulty in following and managing the vast quantity of physical files
  • Many telephone calls required to determine status of requests


With ProcessMaker, the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo staff and administrators were able to automate their previously disorganized permit distribution process and eliminate much physical paperwork. When forms were initially filled out, they would be immediately inputted into the system (and through integration with the Municipality's document system [SISTRAM]), guaranteeing that missing data would be quickly recognized and ameliorated.

Each permit application would be a new automated case, which could be easily followed by ProcessMaker, based on the requirements of various roles and processes in the system. In addition, all files were digitized, making them simple to manage. Therefore, case approvals are straightforward, utilizing scanned signatures. In addition, statistical reports, as well as output documents (such as for consultations on land use compatibility through integration with the urban property tax database), could be generated from the data in the system.

The Value Created

  • Increased control over evaluating requirements for initiating the permit process.
  • Increased registry of essential data which could be used to measure the performance of the process for operating and building permits.
  • Decreased inefficiency resulting from paper-based processes. Paper documents were only generated for compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Less time needed for servicing cases given that there would no longer be a classification problem upon initial registration.
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