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"With ProcessMaker in place, we can manage our commercial processes and ensure our business runs smoothly, from the creation of a proposal to the shipment of our products." Manuel Silva CEO


  • Proposals were delayed due to forgetfulness, and the management team was not notified.
  • Proper alerts were not in place when sales proposals didn't meet its margin.
  • Risk analysis and performance indicators were nearly non-existent, which meant that there was no way to measure its performance before and after completion of each task.


DECSIS turned to ProcessMaker's web-based open source business process management (BPM) suite, integrated by 4+ Business Solutions. By eliminating paper-based processes, DECSIS now easily manages and automates all key business processes, including quickly creating forms and documents, assigning roles, creating rules and mapping individual processes. Beyond processes, ProcessMaker was also flexible enough to link to DECSIS' document management system, KnowledgeTree, to store process templates within a central repository.

With ProcessMaker DECSIS has the capacity to implement a number of pre-certified business processes, and can easily track projects from development to shipment. ProcessMaker helps compile information easily for proposal creation, analyze reasons for customer approval, generate and e-mail purchase orders, and track shipments and returns. At any stage, reports and graphs can be generated for analysis.

The Value Created

  • Increased control and visibility of its processes, enhancing business performance.
  • Decreased approval times and learning curve for new users,
  • Increased efficiency at DECSIS while remaining compliant with the existing quality system.
  • Streamlined processes, and has more near completion, less errors and decreased learning time for new users.
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