ProcessMaker Email Workflow With MS Outlook

Email is possibly one of the most powerful communication tools used in the world today.  Organizations today continue to use email for information sharing, requests, approvals, providing updates and much more.  Since workflow exists for a similar purpose - with the added benefits of easily tracking and reporting on said request and approvals, combing these two applications into an email workflow tool makes for a powerful application where users can manage their workload exclusively from their email client.

The MS Outlook email workflow plug-in allows ProcessMaker users to manage their cases inbox, drafts, participated and other folders as well as start new cases directly from their MS Outlook client.

How this plugin works

With the ProcessMaker email workflow plug-in, there is no requirement for the end user to use a web browser. The plug-in is compatible with Outlook 2003 and later. With the email workflow plug-in installed, users simply direct Outlook to the ProcessMaker server in the setup screen, enter their ProcessMaker username and password, then ProcessMaker will create new subfolders in the Mail Folders directory.

Similar to new mail notifications, when a user receives a new case in ProcessMaker with the email workflow plug-in installed, the ProcessMaker Inbox subfolder becomes bold with a numeric indicator of how many unread cases are contained within it.

In addition, the email workflow plug-in displays all Dynaforms and user interactions in the preview pane of Outlook.

The email workflow plug-in is available to subscribers of the ProcessMaker Platinum subscription plan or higher. It is also available as an 'A La Carte' plug-in for subscribers of other plans.

ProcessMaker Email Workflow

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