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The difference between Business Decision Management and Business Process Management

Most companies are familiar with the theories of business process management (BPM). New tools are making it possible to automate process flow to maximize efficiency and increase outputs. However, business decision management (BDM) is not implemented as broadly. These two concepts are entirely separate yet complementary. Innovative organizations use both to

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ProcessMaker 3.2 Workflow Software – Released!

We are excited to announce the release of ProcessMaker 3.2 BPM and Workflow Software! Having the ability to connect your BPM & Workflow Software to external systems is a clear way of optimizing how your company operates. In this new version, we have added the Connector Library. Well, actually the library

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BPM Tool Comparison: Cloud-Ready Workflow Management Software Compared

Cloud-ready BPM software isn’t one-size-fits-all. It should complement your business, goals, and industry to fit your needs. In this BPM tool comparison of cloud-ready workflow management software solutions, we compare three solutions head-to-head. The following ranking criteria is based on what is important in BPM software and workflow software. These rankings

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ProcessMaker V3.2 – Get Set…Get Ready…

The anticipation has been building for the release of ProcessMaker v3.2 which is now only a couple weeks away.  There is a lot of reason for all the anticipation.  V3.2 is a big release for ProcessMaker for three main reasons:  Quality, Connectivity, and Reporting. Let’s first talk about the first reason – Quality.

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Business Process Automation: Where to Begin

Simply stated, business process automation increases consistency, improves quality, and reduces the likelihood of rework. Instead of spending time manually tracking task completion, you can rely on business process automation to handle workflow so you can focus on core functions of production. However, even those who are convinced of these

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Our Latest Live Training Sessions in the United Kingdom

The ProcessMaker Training Team work hard all year to bring enriching training events to all our customers around the world.  We just completed our week’s training event in the idyllic Cotswolds, United Kingdom. During the training, along with our core syllabus, our delegates got to learn all about the cool new features in ProcessMaker

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