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Unlike no-code solutions such as Kissflow, ProcessMaker's low-code BPM can automate and scale complex workflows that communicate with multiple systems and stakeholders.


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    About the BPM Comparison Guide

    This document concentrates on two top BPMs platforms we reviewed: Kissflow and ProcessMaker. We conducted thorough reviews of both platforms that highlighted how each handled the following: process design flows and optimization, business rules, process variation, visualizations, and the ability to rapidly develop and deploy solutions. Both are used by many of the world’s largest organizations to automate core business processes to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. Both platforms have their fair share of pros and cons.  Decide what is right for your organization before purchasing today.

    Award Winning Platform

    ProcessMaker is an Inc. 5000 company, has been named an enterprise leader in business process management (BPM) for eight consecutive quarters and won the G2 Best Software awards in 2020.
    Award Winning Platform
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