Powerful, AI-driven solutions for automated document processing

No more tedious and error-prone manual document processing. With ProcessMaker IDP you leverage the power of AI to unlock your valuable business data.

With ProcessMaker IDP...
Improve search quality and findability. Employees can instantly search attachments, scans, and unstructured documents
Automatically analyze, enhance, and enrich large quantities of data with ≥99% accuracy
ProcessMaker IDP automatically fixes typos and misinterpreted characters with OCR and Post-OCR intelligent correction

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    ProcessMaker IDP Solution Brief

    ProcessMaker IDP Solution Brief

    Unlock the important information buried deep in files and attachments like images, PDFs, forms, and emails. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help you automatically analyze, enhance, and enrich large quantities of data. Learn how ProcessMaker IDP can work for you!

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