Responsive Form Designer


Most users think about business processes in terms of web forms, thus having a good web form builder is a key element to business process success.

The ProcessMaker web-based form designer provides you with a simple to use drag-and-drop multi-column environment that allows you to create powerful forms for your business processes without writing code.

 DynaForms, or "Dynamic Forms", are custom web forms designed in ProcessMaker to interface with end users while running a case. DynaForms are created using an extensive set of controls, resulting in a rich data capture experience for users, in order to easily operate the controls and build forms swiftly.

The DynaForm designer has been designed to be intuitive yet powerful.  Its drag-and-drop interface based on jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5; provides the administrator with all the tools necessary to make the end user’s experience simple, easy, and productive.