ProcessMaker Developer Course

The ProcessMaker Developer Course lasts two days and focuses on teaching students how to create plugins and external aplications, using the API ProcessMaker REST, with the aim of improving functionality and providing a greater customization.  

It is highly recommended to be fully skilled in the use of ProcessMaker and have a good understanding of PHP. 





  • ProcessMaker Advanced Architect knowledge or equivalent experience using ProcessMaker. 
  • Each attendee needs a computer or laptop computer, in order to paralelly work with trainers on the course hand-on labs. 
  • Pre-required knowledge 
    • Logic Programming: Intermediate - Advanced
    • SQL: Intermediate
    • Javascript: Intermediate
    • PHP: Intermediate


  • For advanced users of ProcessMaker, developers and managers of the Business Processes Management System. 
  • It includes a guide step-by-step of the Plugin Development.
  • 100% hands-on course.

Detailed Syllabus

Developer Course (2 days / 16 hours)

Web Services (2:00)

  1. Lab: Using Internal Web Services to Create a New ProcessMaker User— 1:00
  2. Lab: Consuming External Web Services from ProcessMaker — 1:00

ProcessMaker REST API (2:00)

  1. Introduction to the ProcessMaker REST API — 0:20
  2. Registering an External App in ProcessMaker — 0:20
  3. Authentication Methods — 0:20
  4. Calling REST Endpoints — 1:00

Developing an External ProcessMaker Application (6:00)

  1. Lab. Preliminary Arragements — 0:30
  2. Lab. Getting a User's Inbox Case List — 2:00
  3. Lab. Dynamic Form Rendering — 2:00
  4. Lab. Loading Data from ProcessMaker — 1:00
  5. Lab. Saving Data and Routing Cases — 0:30

Basic Plugin Development (4:00)

  1. Extending ProcessMaker with a Custom Plugin — 3:00
  2. Extending the ProcessMaker REST API — 1:00

Advanced Administration of a ProcessMaker Server (2:00)

  1. ProcessMaker Backup and Restore — 0:30
  2. Upgrading ProcessMaker from Version 2.X to 3.0 — 1:00
  3. Cron execution scheduling  — 0:30


Examination and Certification

The ProcessMaker Developer Certification will be administered online the week following course completion. 


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