ProcessMaker Open Source - For Small Deployments and Evaluations

  • 100% open source source, 95% of source code written by ProcessMaker development team
  • Free, downloadable version of ProcessMaker workflow software
  • Supported by active community of open source developers and business users
  • Web-based, form-driven processes
  • Graphical, drag-and-drop workflow maps
ProcessMaker Open Source BPM underlines Colosa's continued R&D investment to develop and deliver the most economical business process management (BPM) solution on the market today. Many types of small to mid-sized organizations, business units, and departments are running their approval-based processes on ProcessMaker Open Source BPM. 
For large-scale business critical environments, ProcessMaker Enterprise Subscriptions includes a professional support package, scalability and high availability, Enterprise Plugins, and Business Intelligence Add-On products.

Upcoming Release - Version 2.0

Try our BETA Version 2.0 of ProcessMaker.  This upcoming release has a number of great new features:
  • BPMN 2.0 Process Designer - Design processes in a BPMN 2.0 compliant modeling tool
  • Faster Approval via Email - approve cases directly through email client software without requiring users to log into the ProcessMaker system
  • Case Scheduler - initiate workflows automatically based on specific dates, a recurring schedule, or via an FTP monitor which triggers a case when a file arrives
  • Custom Calendaring - add a custom calendar to specify work schedules
  • Trigger Wizard with Pre-Built Connectors - connect to ProcessMaker functions and other third-party applications with a  'zero-code' Trigger builder