Extend the functionality and power of yourSaaS application with embedded workflow.

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    ProcessMaker IQ is a lightweight, intelligent workflow feature.

    ProcessMaker IQ is a lean workflow solution that serves as an intelligent workflow layer for SaaS products. Your SaaS application can be connected to ProcessMaker IQ in just a few days. Easy to set up with a point-and-click configuration, ProcessMaker IQ gives your users a powerful workflow with unprecedented ease.

    Tackle Single and Multi-level Approvals

    Want to help your users make decisions flow logically and quickly in their organizations? With ProcessMaker IQ, your users can configure several levels of approval in just a few clicks.

    Command Workflow from Slack and Email

    Do your users still communicate through carrier pigeon or telegram? Probably not. Their entire workflow will be embedded where they already communicate: email or Slack. This way they can submit or sign off on requests from a plane, passenger seat, or poolside

    Build Consensus with Threaded Comments

    Good communication leads to happy people. With ProcessMaker IQ’s workflow in your product, they can build consensus by passing comments from one approver to another. Threaded comments help keep your users on the same page.

    Identify Bottlenecks using Workflow History Logs

    Empower your users to go straight to the source of the problem. Your users will have access to their entire workflow history so they can directly see who approved what and when they did it. Find and eliminate bottlenecks easily.

    Embrace Agility with One-Click Reassignment

    Do things always go according to plan for your users? Probably not. Empower them to adapt on the spot when the unpredictable happens. Your users can re-assign a request to another team member in one click. They can ask for an extra opinion, delegate a decision, or sidestep challenges as they arise.

    Continuous Improvement with Custom Reports

    Above all, your users want to get the most value out of your product. With ProcessMaker IQ, they can download workflow history logs and create powerful reports and visual dashboards that show what was approved, when it was approved, and by whom it was approved of their workflows to perform analytics that spurs a virtuous cycle of improvement.

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