Build automated workflows that orchestrate every step of the shipping process

Non-routine shipments fall outside the scope of everyday workflows. With ProcessMaker, you can change miscellaneous shipping from a cumbersome outlier to a fully compliant business process.

Decrease risk
These small shipments have a huge impact on costs. Adhere to customs and international shipping regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

Increase customer satisfaction
Your customers receive shipments on time without administrative delays.

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    Miscellaneous shipping becomes a hassle-free process

    You need to send a prototype to Singapore or chemical reagents to a lab in Spain. But your normal ERP isn’t set up to handle the details of non-standard shipments.

    ProcessMaker can automate miscellaneous shipments like:

    • Sample chemical compounds
    • Non-inventory / non-revenue items
    • Parts and repairs
    • Prototypes
    • Personal items
    • Trade show materials

    With dynamic business rules, you can automatically orchestrate every step of the process, so shipments arrive on time every time.

    With automated ProcessMaker Miscellaneous Shipping workflows…
    Easy-to-use online request forms
    Automatic routing for approval backed by reminders
    Auto-populate accounting codes
    Correct customs classifications
    Customer receives shipment on time
    When employees coordinate miscellaneous shipments manually…
    Lengthy PDF request forms
    Untraceable email chains
    Need to track down accounting codes
    Inaccurate customs classifications
    Customs and shipping delays

    Automatically route tasks to the right team members
    When you initiate a shipment, your workflow automatically informs the right team members for approval. Eliminate hard-to-track email chains and manual follow-ups—ProcessMaker automatically reminds everyone to complete their tasks on time.

    Swiftly adjust business rules
    Add new approval steps or adjust how the process flows to match frequently changing laws and guidelines. Keep multiple compliance teams in the loop, so you never miss an
    important detail.

    Monitor every step of the process in a central dashboard
    Track key tasks like legal and compliance reviews. Compare processing time against a goal to make sure the shipment stays on schedule.

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