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    Together, LumApps, the social internet, and ProcessMaker, the leader in enterprise workflow and business process management, have embedded ProcessMaker workflows inside of the LumApps hub. Users of both services can now experience seamless workflows that enhance productivity from any Google Suite app in the LumApps hub. Imagine being able to initiate a workflow directly from email rather than having to close one app and move to another. With the LumApps hub, processes such as human resources request for time off and new employee onboarding and others can be initiated from Gmail or where ever the user configures. Since both solutions follow a user-friendly philosophy, integration is a matter of configuring a plug-in. It doesn’t require additional coding before implementation.

    lumapps integration

    • Tired of having to log in and out of different applications to get your work done?
    • Want to have tasks you’ve been assigned to complete show up automatically in your inbox?
    • Need a replacement strategy for Microsoft SharePoint that leverages LumApps, workflow and the Google suite?Now you can.
    Initiate Processes Anywhere in LumApps Hub

    Initiate Processes Anywhere in LumApps Hub

    Using single sign-on authentication and a newly developed widget, ProcessMaker and LumApps intranet users can easily initiate workflows, process requests and keep informed of status within LumApps.

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