Webinar: Simple and Smooth Database Integrations - Connecting ProcessMaker to Your Oracle Database

One of the most important features of a fully integrated BPM system is the free transfer of data between your database and your applications. The ability to connect your BPM platform your company’s preferred database not only prevents time and data from being lost migrating your database, it also promotes data integrity by providing a master copy of your company’s data in one location. This is why ProcessMaker makes it easy to connect external databases to your ProcessMaker instance.

In our first webinar in a three part series about database connections, learn how to create a seamless connection between your Oracle database and ProcessMaker in a Linux environment. We will walk you through step-by-step how to properly set up Oracle and ProcessMaker to smoothly send and retrieve data between your automated processes and an Oracle database. Say goodbye to human error and protect your investment by making data entry automatic by connecting your business processes to your existing Oracle database.

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