Easy Steps and Users Assignment

A step in ProcessMaker is a set of subtasks within a task.  Steps can include Dynaforms, Input Documents, or Output Documents. Once you have created all the necessary tasks of a process, you must assign them steps.  To do this, right-click on a task and choose “Steps”.

You are now presented with a list of all the possible Dynaforms, Input Documents, and Output Documents, which are available to be used as steps.  Input Documents can form either part of a Dynaform or an individual step.  Select an entry from the list to add a step.  You can assign as many steps as you wish for a task.  For this reason, you have the option of moving steps up and down the list.  When an end user begins working on this task, he will go through the steps in the order that they appear in this list.

Once your steps are in place, is time to assign user groups to your task.  While it’s possible to assign individual users to tasks, it is recommendable to sort your users into groups and assign those groups to the tasks. This is because when you export a process to a different workspace, the group remains assigned to the task, unlike individual users.  This way, every workspace can have dedicated groups such as users, supervisors or managers; and you won’t need to reassign users to your tasks after importing a process.