Built-in Document Management System

ProcessMaker features a native Document Management System built into its core, available in both Community and Enterprise versions.  This system allows users to define a folder structure for Input Documents and Output Documents.

Input Documents are files associated with a particular case. These files can be text documents, spreadsheets, images, etc. From the main toolbar, click on the “Create” button next to “Input Documents”. On the next screen, give your document a title, a type, and a description if you wish.  You can enable versioning if necessary.

The destination path is a directory in the document repository,which can be static or dynamic.  For a dynamic destination path, use the variable picker to select a variable from the list.  The value of this variable will be used on the destination path each time a document is uploaded.  You can define tags for the document in the same way.

Output Documents are files generated while running a case, which are meant to be printed out or stored digitally outside ProcessMaker. In order to create an Output Document; from the main toolbar, click on the “Create” button next to “Output Documents”. Give your document a title, and specify a static or dynamic filename.

You can then give your document a description and specify a media type and margin size. Output documents can be generated in either Doc or PDF format, or both.  You can also specify PDF security, which allows you to set permissions and password protection to keep your document restricted to selected users.