ProcessMaker 3.2 - Product Launch Webinar

Tuesday, May 16th at 11:00 AM (New York Time)

Live Webinar

We are excited to announce the release of ProcessMaker 3.2 Workflow Software! 

Having the ability to connect your BPM & Workflow Software to external systems is clearly a way of optimizing the way your company operates. In this new version, we have added the Connector Library, which allows you to search and download connectors that you want to use to integrate your ProcessMaker processes with external systems.

Our Service Task is another awesome feature. The service task makes the connection to a third party system very explicit visually. It makes for a better overall mapping experience, and just makes it easier for everyone to see what the process actually does.  

Finally, have you seen how cool our Data Reporting Tools are? These tools were introduced in 3.1, and hopefully you have had a chance to use them. Of course, we recognize that tabular list reports have only so much appeal. Managers often want to see graphics and colors, right? Well, now we introduce what we call Gadgets, which will give you the ability to present your workflow data in tables, pie and bar charts.

The Best of ProcessMaker 3.2 - Enterprise Connectors



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