Single Sign On Authentication For Active Directory

A common criticism from end users of modern applications is the necessity to remember several usernames and passwords for various organizational systems that they use on a daily basis. Given that the average person has 6.5 passwords for daily usage and that nowadays, passwords are becoming more difficult to remember - due to the requirement of a number or symbol within said password, an ideal solution would be to integrate applications so that one can look up the login information of another and utilize it to enter the application - also known as 'single sign on authentication'. This therefore, alleviates the need for the end user to remember another username and password combination.

Most organizations have some form of user management application such as Active Directory for the purposes of administrating users, groups, permissions etc. The ideal solution to the problem above would be to utilize the Active Directory user login credentials to access other systems with a single sign on authentication.

How it works

The ProcessMaker Single Sign On Authentication plug-in allows users to login to ProcessMaker by authenticating against an Active Directory server. Once users have logged onto their local area network by way of Active Directory, they can navigate to their ProcessMaker server at which time the ProcessMaker Single Sign On Authentication plug-in will verify their Active Directory login credentials against the user list of ProcessMaker and essentially bypass the logon screen for ProcessMaker. Thus the user is not prompted to log into ProcessMaker since their Active Directory account will be used.

The single sign on authentication plug-in also allows for the synchronization between the ProcessMaker user profiles and Active Directory, allowing network administrators to maintain control and uniformity over their network users inside one application. If an account is changed to “terminated” within Active Directory, the same user account will become disabled within ProcessMaker. In addition, this plug-in also allows for the synchronization of user groups.

Single Sign On Authentication

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