Quick Start Program

The ProcessMaker® Quick Start Program is ideal for organizations that already have either a good understanding of workflow and process automation in general or a strong knowledge of the specific workflows in their organization that they would like to automate. In our Quick Start program, we have put together a mini-set of our services (training, consulting and support) at a highly reduced price, to make it affordable for potential customers to purchase professional help from our team while evaluating or doing an initial pilot project with the ProcessMaker software.

Our Quick Start package will get one of your team members oriented quickly regarding our solution thereby saving you valuable time and money during the initial deployment or evaluation phase of your project.


Package Contents

Access to the ProcessMaker Online Boot Camp Course

  • 9 hours of Pre-Recorded Video Training
  • 1 Hour ‘Question & Answer’ session with a ProcessMaker trainer
  • Covers both basic and advanced ProcessMaker features
  • Pre-Recorded content access to fit around your schedule

30 Days of Product Support

  • Unlimited support incidents through our trouble tickets system
  • Support for one administrator.
  • Guaranteed one business day initial response time

10 Hours of Consulting (must be used during 30 day period)

  • A skilled ProcessMaker professional services consultant will assist in building your first ProcessMaker workflow
  • Our ProcessMaker consultant will work from his/her location, coordinating via web and phone
  • It is recommended that the scope of the tasks assigned to the consultant be limited to ensure completion within the ten hours. For example, the first project should be limited to no more than 1 external data source, using only SQL or known web services, no more than 5 forms, and no custom development


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