Process Design Demonstration Videos

We believe that the best way to assess our leading BPM solution is to try it out for yourself.  For this reason, we have created these tutorial videos to guide you through the workings of ProcessMaker features.  Following this step by step guide, you will understand how easy it is to create a workflow just how customizable it really can be!

1 - Process Modeling

ProcessMaker’s Process Designer contains all the necessary tools to model any kind of process. To start modeling your process, drag a design element and drop it onto the point a the diagram where you wish to locate it. You can select one or more elements and move them around the diagram.

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2 - Responsive Forms Designer

Most users think about business processes in terms of web forms, thus having a good web form builder is a key element to business process success. The ProcessMaker web-based form designer provides you with a simple to use drag-and-drop multi-column environment that allows you to create powerful forms for your business processes without writing code.

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3 - Gateways

Gateways are elements used to control the flow among design elements. This means, they act like a mechanism that controls, defines and regulates flows; based on routing rules set for this purpose.

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4 - Built-In Document Management System

ProcessMaker features a native Document Management System built into its core, available in both Community and Enterprise versions.  This system allows users to define a folder structure for Input Documents and Output Documents.

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5 - Easy Steps And Users Assignment

A step in ProcessMaker is a set of subtasks within a task.  Steps can include Dynaforms, Input Documents, or Output Documents. Once you have created all the necessary tasks of a process, you must assign them steps.  To do this, right-click on a task and choose “Steps”.

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6 - KPI Dashboards

Once your process has been running for a while, your managers will insist on having access to reports and dashboards, which show them how the process is performing against Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements. Don't worry, ProcessMaker includes a suite of business intelligence tools, which make this type of analysis easy and extremely valuable.

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7 - Using The New PM REST API With AngularJS

Let's build a simple application in AngularJS to get a ProcessMaker user's case list, using the new ProcessMaker REST API.  It is way easier than it sounds.  

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