ProcessMaker BPM Software Mashups and BPM Integrations with Third Party Enterprise Software

ProcessMaker BPM software has been integrated with many leading enterprise software systems include CRM Software, DMS Software, HRM Software, ERP Software, Digital Signature Software and much more.  See Below.

The BPM Software Mashups that are created as a result of these unique BPM Integrations with Third Party Enterprise Software systems add value to both the ProcessMaker BPM Suite and the third party application.


The ProcessMaker integration with DocuSign allows more secure approvals for custom internal workflows. Electronic signatures build confidence, transparency, and auditability to the process.

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Our gmail integration is like none you have ever seen. We integrate our workflow inbox with the user's gmail inbox so that pending workflow tasks are actual emails. This means that you can do deep Google driven search across your inbox in milliseconds. The integration also includes storage of files in Google Drive, and connectors for Sheets and Google Calendar.

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The ProcessMaker integration with Outlook allows BPM users to work their ProcessMaker folders directly from their Outlook Email Client.  All ProcessMaker folders are displayed within the folder tree of Outlook and ProcessMaker Dynaforms are interacted with via the preview window of Outlook.

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Sharepoint BPM mashup

Business Process Management and Document Management have always been two closely related applications. In a world where business offices are striving to become greener and paperless, process and workflow automation are becoming ever more popular. However many workflows still have a requirement for documentation collaboration which raises the challenge of how to pass documents between users in a workflow while still remaining paperless.

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Alfresco is an open source content management system with a document management feature which can be utilized by ProcessMaker in order to replace its native document management repository. Alfresco’s powerful document management utility combined with ProcessMaker means that the collaboration of documentation between users within a workflow becomes simple, easy and trackable.

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The ProcessMaker Zimlet can be installed into Zimbra to allow for BPM case management of ProcessMaker directly from the Zimbra mail interface.

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