Purchase Request Part 4

How to Run a Process

The “Quote Reception and Approval” task demonstrates the awesome power of ProcessMaker.  Each vendor, which was selected in the previous task, receives an email with a link. This link takes them to a Dynaform.  The information about the item is contained within the form and they can enter a price and any comments. This forms are completely customizable.

Each external vendor receives his own form, which has been customized for him.  When they fill out the information, this information will be passed back to ProcessMaker and to the case it is connected with.

The case in question is now with the Manager of the organization.  He can now log in, open the case, and review the information which was sent back by the vendors.

Once the manager has reached the decision on which item he’d like to purchase, he checks the checkbox next to the relevant item.  And then goes ahead and uses the dropdown to select that this is the purchase he wants. The manager can enter any comment he wishes and choose “Accept”.  This now creates a purchasing document, which can be opened in either PDF or Word format.

The case will now move to the final task, which is the reception of the Items Ordered.

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