ProcessMaker 3.0 - Get a Deep Look at the New Version

In this webinar, we will take  a detailed look at ProcessMaker Version 3.0.
ProcessMaker 3.0 promises to be the fastest, most powerful version of ProcessMaker ever released.  We think you will be blown away by what you can now do with ProcessMaker.

What's New:

A HTML5 Form Designer with multi-column drag and drop designing that allows users to build "responsive UI" forms which automatically adjust to different screen sizes for large monitors, tablets, and cellphones.A new jquery BPMN 2.0 process designer with support for undo, redo, zoom, multi-object grab and drag, and much more.A powerful new RESTful API which will give developers full control over all functions in both the designer and the run-time engine making it much easier to embed ProcessMaker in 3rd party products and systems.Support for additional new BPMN 2.0 elements such as message and intermediate events, sub-process call activities, various artifacts, and much more. 

Who should see this webinar:

  • CIOs
  • Technology Directors
  • Business Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • ProcessMaker Community Users