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Version Download Size Installation Instructions
v 3.2 (Stable) TAR.GZ package 58.7 MB Linux (Generic Installation)
v 3.2 (Stable) RUN file 125.8 MB Linux 64-bit (Bitnami Installer)
v 3.2 (Stable) EXE file 147.9 MB Windows 64-bit (Bitnami Installer)
v 3.2 (Stable) EXE file 144.8 MB Windows 32-bit (Bitnami Installer)
v 3.2 (Stable) DMG file 120.5 MB macOS (Bitnami Installer)

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Older releases of ProcessMaker can be found here.

ProcessMaker is available in a number of different languages, but only comes with the English interface installed by default. View translations.

To get the most out of your ProcessMaker Community Edition, please review our online manuals (wiki), online forums, and online video tutorial series.

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