ProcessMaker Monitor

The ProcessMaker monitor is designed to allow administrators to manage the ProcessMaker server and all of the workspaces that are installed on it. Here administrators can view the access log for all workspaces, manage connections and setup new workspaces on the ProcessMaker server.

There is a wealth of information provided to administrators within the monitor console. This information is stored in a Memcache log. A drop down list shows all of the IP addresses that are accessing the server and how many queries each IP has logged.

processmaker monitor

When you select one of the IP's in the list, you can view which workspace they've logged into, as well as how long they were logged in and the count of queries which were run during that visit. A count number in red font indicates that the queries were taking longer than average and this exists to alert the administrator to investigate further to help keep the workspace optimized for speed.

On the tab labeled 'Memcached', administrators can view in real time the current connections and on the        'multitenant management' tab, administrators can view existing workspaces on the server, as well as create new ones.

processmaker monitor

Creating a new workspace is made easy. Administrators simply enter the name and databases to use as well a password and the workspace is created.

The monitor tool allows administrators of ProcessMaker to fully administrate. It helps to look at traffic, query optimization and workspaces and keep ProcessMaker optimizing your business processes.

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